"Safeguard Your Business, Protect Your Future: Unleash the Power of Robust Security and Seamless Compliance."

We understand the critical importance of security and compliance in today’s digital landscape. Our comprehensive Security and Compliance solutions empower your business to mitigate risks, safeguard sensitive data, and adhere to industry regulations.

Our team of experts ensures that your infrastructure remains resilient against evolving cyber threats.

We help you navigate complex compliance requirements, ensuring that your business meets industry standards and regulatory frameworks. From data privacy regulations to industry-specific compliance mandates, we have the expertise to guide you through the compliance landscape.

Partner with us to enhance your security posture, gain peace of mind, and maintain the trust of your customers. With our Security and Compliance solutions, you can focus on driving your business forward while we handle the complexities of protecting your digital assets and staying compliant.

Don’t let security vulnerabilities and compliance gaps hold your business back. Contact us today to fortify your defences and achieve a secure and compliant operating environment.


Essential-8 Framework Audit:

Our Essential-8 Framework Audit Services provide a comprehensive evaluation of your organization's security measures, covering all eight essential areas of cybersecurity. Our expert team assesses your systems, policies, and practices to identify vulnerabilities, gaps, and areas for improvement. Gain invaluable insights to enhance your security defenses and ensure compliance with industry best practices. Strengthen your security posture with our Essential-8 Framework Audit Services today.

essential 8

ISM Standardization Audit:

Navigating the complex landscape of ISM (Information Security Management) standardization can be daunting. Our ISM Standardization Compliance service offers expert guidance and support to ensure your organization meets the rigorous requirements of ISM frameworks. From policy development and risk assessments to implementation and auditing, we streamline the compliance process, empowering you to achieve and maintain ISM standardization with confidence. Stay ahead of security risks and demonstrate your commitment to robust information security with our ISM Standardization Compliance service.


Containers Security:

Containers have revolutionized software development and deployment, but ensuring their security is paramount. Our Containers Security services provide end-to-end protection for your containerized environments. From vulnerability assessments and secure image scanning to runtime monitoring and access control, we safeguard your containers against threats. Trust our expertise to mitigate risks, enhance compliance, and empower your organization to embrace the agility of containerization with confidence. Secure your containers, secure your future with our Containers Security services.


SOE Hardening Services:

Our SOE (Standard Operating Environment) Hardening services strengthen the security of your IT infrastructure by implementing rigorous security controls and best practices. We assess your systems, identify vulnerabilities, and implement robust hardening measures to fortify your environment against cyber threats.

security soe hardening

M365 Hardening:

Our M365 Hardening services provide a comprehensive approach to fortifying your Microsoft 365 environment against evolving cyber threats. We assess your configuration, implement advanced security controls, and enhance user awareness to mitigate risks and protect your organization's sensitive data.

m365 hardening

Device management:

Our Intune Device Management services provide a seamless and comprehensive solution to streamline and secure your organization's devices. From enrollment and configuration to application deployment and data protection, we empower you to efficiently manage devices across platforms and ensure compliance with ease.

With Intune, you gain centralized control, enabling you to enforce security policies, manage updates, and protect sensitive data, all from a single console. Experience the benefits of simplified device management and enhanced security with our expert Intune services. Let us optimize your device management strategy and drive productivity across your organization.

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What we can do for you

At Velox Cloud Solutions, we specialize in empowering businesses with robust M365 and Cloud Security and Compliance solutions. With a proven track record, our team of experts will assess your specific needs, design a customized cloud security architecture.

Embrace Cloud Compliance and Security to propel your business toward unparalleled success. Safeguard your valuable data, ensure regulatory compliance, and fortify your defenses against cyber threats. Stay ahead of the curve and unlock the full potential of the cloud with our comprehensive solutions.

Contact us today to discover how cloud adoption can transform your business!